Now you can send your emails from anywhere in the World. No more changing your settings when you change location.
If you are on the go or need a reliable email delivery service, you can send through Elive’s servers whether you are using a laptop, handheld device like an iPhone, iPad or any smartphone, or configure your own mail server to deliver all emails through our servers.

Why Choose SMTP AUTH?

  • Having Problems Sending
  • On the Go
  • No SMTP server provided by your broadband provider
  • Travelling abroad
  • No Small Attachment Size Limits (You can send emails up to 100Mb in size each)
  • You do not need to switch ISP

You can upgrade your existing Spam Scanning service to include SMTP AUTH for only €40 p.a., so you can also monitor emails leaving your organisation.

If you already have a hosting account with us, SMTP Auth is included.

Not hosting with Elive™? No Problem. Add SMTP AUTH for only €29.99 p.a.

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