SMS Solutions

Go2Mobile Solutions Ltd
Go2mobile Solutions Ltd. is a privately held company that was founded by John Ahern in 1998.

Go2mobile’s infrastructure includes:
2 regional offices
3 messaging platform locations (located nationally and internationally)
High speed text-messaging links to all industrialized nations
Global Network coverage spanning over 230 countries/territories and over 1500 operators
20 different service offerings within the global market place – all developed in-house

Go2mobile’s corporate vision is to have an application for every business, from SME to larger, who wishes to communicate via text.

Go2mobile’s worldwide coverage ensures that no matter where the location of a message is sent from, we will strive to get that message delivered. This includes automatic rerouting of the message over different networks to ensure delivery, if necessary.

Our experienced in-house technical staff provide unrivalled support with 24/7 coverage for all our messaging clients. We have invested significantly in local messaging connections to ensure that messages for our worldwide clients are delivered on time, every time.

Many Fortune 1,000 companies have become customers of Go2mobile’s text messaging services. Technology leaders, large financial institutions, transport service providers, retailers and SMEs, have all benefited from Go2mobile’s serviced solutions.

Roselawn House,
National Technology Park,

061 305300