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Asian Domain Registration Scam Reminder

We would like to remind our customers of a scam that has been around for years and is still in circulation.
It involves getting an email that seems to be alerting you to the fact that someone is trying to register your domain and/or brand in Asia, and seems to be helpful in offering you a chance to reserve the domains yourself.

The email is in the following format:


Dear Sirs,

How are you! The reason why I am sending you this email is because we received an application from “May Null Co.,” today who wants to register the brand name: and some relevant domains under in different areas. (several domain extensions, like .cn .asia .in, etc.)

Due to the applicant’s name “May Null Co.,” is quite different from , so we checked in system and found is your using name. In accordance with domain registration principle, we are obliged to inform you this case. Please confirm whether “May Null Co.,” was authorized by you. If not, please contact me ASAP for letting us handle this case properly. Out of the period, we would regard this application was authorized by you and accept their application legally. Looking forward to your prompt confirmation.

Daniel Yang || Registration Dept.
Tel:0086-551-6349-5334|| Fax:0086-551-6349-5344
Mail: daniel(at)dc-digital(dot)org(dot)cn || Website: http://www(dot)dc-digital(dot)org/

This is a scam. Do not reply, just delete it.

It relies on the fact that you cannot register domains in certain Asian countries unless you are a resident or have a trading entity there.
So the scam works by getting you to pre-pay, then asking you for your company address in that Asian territory. If you do not supply this, then your money is non-refundable.

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