Easy & Simple Our WHMCS IE module provides .ie Registrars with an easy and simple method to link their WHMCS installation to the .IE Registry’s TITAN API, to provide full support for clients and administrators to be able to register, renew and cancel domains from directly within WHMCS.

Register .ie Domains (Client and Admin)

Renew .ie Domains (Client and Admin)

Transfer .ie Domains (Client and Admin)

Request Delete on .ie Domains (Admin)

Remove .ie Domains from NRP (Admin)

Request Transfer Auth Code for .ie Domains (Client and Admin)

Update DNS servers (Client and Admin)

Update Admin Contact Info (Client and Admin)

Nightly Report on Domain Dates (Admin)

Debug Mode (Admin)

Use IEDR TITAN Test or Live API

Custom fields on Registration to comply with IEDR Registration information requirements

Client Template to guide customer through the registration requirements simply

Available From:

€150 / Year

Annual License Fee includes all updates.
There is an additional €150 Once off Setup fee which includes FREE installation by one of our expert technical staff.

*** Backed by our 30 day Money back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, notify us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you in FULL, no questions asked.

Easy Installation

Once installed, it seamlessly integrates, and adds an important level of automation for your clients with .ie Domains.

With support for all the .ie custom fields, DNS Server modifications and issuing Transfer Auth Codes, your clients can now fully manage all their .ie domains 24 hours a day, freeing up your staff’s valuable time.

You can also, optionally schedule a nightly cron job that will report on domains that the renewal date or status in WHMCS do not match that of the .IE Registry. This can also be used to automatically mark domains for deletion based on your settings.

Custom Template

We have also added a great new layout to the Templates...

So your customers have a new easy to use Fast Checkout system for picking an existing domain to register a .ie domain with the same details, or enter custom details, including a document uploader to send supporting documents, right from within the registration process


Requirements & Changelog

PHP 7.4, 8.1 MySQL 5.x, WHMCS 8.1 or higher, IonCube Loader 11+, IE TITAN API Account.

Tested up to with v8.7 of WHMCS and IE TITAN API

[28-Aug-2023] 2.6.0
- NEW: Domain locking via setting the domain to clientTransferProhibited.
- NEW: Setting to not allow clients from checking out without filling in the additional fields. If this is disabled, it will behave like previous versions where the cart button could be pressed by the client and it would bypass the requirement for filling in their details.
- NEW: Regenerate EPP Code button in the admin area.
- NEW: Warning by email, and on the Admin domain page for .ie domains, if the Sync cron is enabled and hasn't been run in 7 days or more. This feature will automatically add a new table to the database, called mod_iedr_sync_cron_runs.
- IMPROVEMENT: Add message to Sync email when there is nothing to report on, to ensure the email body is not blank.
- IMPROVEMENT: Use WHMCS email mechanism for sending emails with WHMCS templates, including the Sync report and EPP code.
- IMPROVEMENT: Add " (Test Mode)" to the activity log description and to the email subject line in the sync cron, when test mode is enabled.
- IMPROVEMENT: Preference to show EPP code on Screen + Email or just Email only.
- IMPROVEMENT: The Request Restore custom button in the admin area now pops up a modal confirmation, like Request Delete does.
- IMPROVEMENT: Updated EPP Client.
- FIX: Hooks now check that this module is the default for .ie domains (set as the Auto Registrar) before acting.
- FIX: The tblerrorlog database table will no longer be drowned with DomainInfo xpath errors, which were occurring due to the module requesting a field that didn't exist in the response schema.
- FIX: Domain transfers on the client side will no longer display the registrant additional fields.
- FIX: A few cleanups to the admin Add Order page code regarding rendering the .ie fields.
- FIX: IDN nameservers were not converted to punycode in previous versions.
- FIX: Get EPP Code in the client and admin areas will no longer regenerate the code every time.
- FIX: Miscellaneous cleanups and fixes.
- FIX: Patches in 2.5.1-P1, P2 & P3 included.
- CHANGE: Hooks file is now contained within the module, instead of the from the includes/hooks folder

[20-Jul-2023] 2.5.1 P3

- FIX: Internal Domain Sync and Transfer Sync producing an error in PHP 8.1.
- FIX: iedrsync.php and iedractivesync.php should run in any CLI environment. Prior to this, it was failing to run on instances of LiteSpeed PHP. The CLI check is done to prevent web execution of the script.
- FIX: License check will no longer fail on the valid domain check. We now only require the server IP to match what's in the license.
[19-May-2023] 2.5.1 P2
- FIX: Error in PHP 8.1 when the country is GB and the county is not taken from the additional fields in ISO 3166-2 format, but rather as a full string in WHMCS. 
[20-Jan-2023] 2.5.1 P1
- FIX: The country and country select boxes on the client area registration template not having the "required" attribute set in line with the other mandatory fields.
- FIX: Repeated typo in the iedr_hooks.php file which would cause PHP 8.1 to quit parsing it, thus no hooks would be registered.

[30–Nov-2022] 2.5.1

- NEW: Admin Orders Page now shows the correct "Registrant Information" under each .ie domain in the list.
- IMPROVEMENT: Additional domain fields can be automatically filled with WHMCS profile or billing contact data when empty during client and admin checkout. The registration function will only leverage these fields and no longer silently fallback. This should make the entire registration process more transparent.
- IMPROVEMENT: Tested up to WHMCS 8.6 and PHP 8.1.
- IMPROVEMENT: All template hooks are now optional and can be commented out if required in the /includes/hooks/iedr_hooks.php file.
- IMPROVEMENT: Client Area application template is now loaded in a hook and no longer requires a template modification.
- IMPROVEMENT: Company and Charity number additional fields only show when the Registrant dropdown is set to the respective option. This also applies to the Company Name field.
- FIX: Having the default country in the order pages' additional fields was causing an issue during registration. The default country shows as Ireland but will only save when other fields are also filled in.
- FIX: The CRO number was not auto-populating during registration when empty and company is selected, causing failures.
- FIX: Some clients were experiencing an issue with the Addon Modules configuration page loading up when the IE Ticket Module was present and no/incorrect Titan API connection details were present.
- FIX: A bunch of small, miscellaneous issues with features rolled out in 2.5.0.
[26–July-2022] 2.5
- NEW: Major overhaul to how the order system works, with significant improvements to the client order process template
- NEW: Ability to allow logged in users to simply select an existing domain, and use existing RANT on new registration order.
- NEW: Ability to show/hide the Additional fields on client new registration order.
- NEW: Auto fill Registrant Details from WHMCS for new Registration on Client side
- NEW: Registrant fields are only required on Admin Order if at least one field is filled in. Otherwise use WHMCS client details.
- NEW: WHMCS formatted phone fields on Registrant fields, if enabled in WHMCS
- NEW: Extra module config to have a date range to ignore non-matching domains. If expiry and next due dates are out of sync within this range, 
 they will not be reported in sync cron email.
- NEW: When ActiveSync cron is run, it will also update the expiry date of the domain, to match the Registry expiry date.
- IMPROVEMENT: Domains marked 'Cancelled' in WHMCS will also get marked for deletion based on Expiry action settings in module
- IMPROVEMENT: Client fields hidden from Domain Transfer process.
- IMPROVEMENT: Better formatting of Emails
- IMPROVEMENT: Better error handling if cron is unable to connect to TITAN
- IMPROVEMENT: Additional Fields custom code is much cleaner and handled within the module, so it avoids having to update it in future releases.
- FIX: Resolved a Timezone issue with Date reporting on domains that were, for example, registered after 11pm Irish time; they were being
 reported as expiring the following day during DST by the sync cron. All time checks in the module are now UTC and in parity with the IEDR.
- FIX: Resolved Issue with Licence check on the frontend of module. Additionally a status in the backend will show in the module's 
 settings if there are any issues.
- FIX: Resolved an issue with IDN domains failing to be marked for deletion by sync cron.
[23–Aug-2021] 2.2.1
- Fix: Updated Link to CRO Search
- Fix: Resolved an issue where IDN Domain Registration might fail
- Fix: Supporting Number now submitted correctly on all registration types.
- Various other bug fixes and improvements.

[31–May-2021] 2.2.0

- NEW: Tickets Addon developed. This will allow staff to see any ticket associated with Pending Domains, and clicking the link will take the user to the .IE upload page, with the ticket ID pre-filled.
- Improvement to the alternatives to finfo for file MIME checking on the application template uploader, falling back to the client-determined MIME type if PHP cannot determine it.
- Fixes to the application template when a document upload fails. It wasn’t allowing the user to continue to submit the form without a document attached upon failure, like it’s supposed to.
- Reworked the file upload error messages, clearing up any confusion about being able to continue to submit the order and send the documents by email manually thereafter.
- Fixed a visual anomaly with the file list table rows only being approximately half the width of the table.
- Additional document recipient email addresses are added to the email's CC header, instead of being split into multiple To addresses.
- Added proper handling of multiple document recipient email addresses in the template.
- The client area Get EPP button now links to the correct action parameter in the URL to bring up the success message.
- Sync cron now checks if a domain is owned by a charity registrant, to exclude them from autodelete and autocancel processes.
- WHMCS Sync and Transfer Sync now have better error checking to prevent PHP Fatal Errors if there’s a connection issue at any stage during the run.
- Fixed Object to String Conversion PHP error during the domain registration process, which was occurring at the logging stage after successful registration.

[24–Mar-2021] 2.1.6

– Improved the Sync Report Cron to handle extra Domain Statuses.
– Improved Sync Report & ActiveSync Cron to only act on domains under the ‘iedr’ Registrar, instead of all .ie domains
– Fix to WHMCS internal Sync Function to handle more cases.

[28–Jan-2021] 2.1.5

– Improved handling of domain renewals based on certain edge-case scenarios.
– Improvement to handling of matching domain statuses in the iedrsync script
– Fixed issue in activesync script that was marking pendingCreate domains as Active
– Various code and text improvements.
– Optional Procedure added to the “extras” folder regarding changing the values of the County ( State ) in WHMCS.

[18–Jan-2021] 2.1.4

– Fixed issue where Technical & Billing Contacts were not updated on Domain Transfer
*** We recommend you check each domain that has been transferred since TITAN went live and update
the Tech and Billing contact on each manually in the TITAN Portal
– Improvements to the Sync Cron for handling situation where duplicate domains are in WHMCS with differing Statuses.
No action is taken on these domains now, they are just reported.
– Added in checks to ensure min version of PHP & WHMCS are being used.
– Added in checks to ensure Tech and Billing contact specified in Settings exist in TITAN on Domain Registration & Transfer.
– Various text corrections and code improvements.

[16–Dec-2020] 2.1.3

– Bug fix when handling IDN domains
– Various improvements to Module Sync Report, including not showing newly registered domains.
– Improvements to handling of domains in the WHMCS Native Sync feature, for domains that are Transferred Away
or if the connection failed.
– Increased the timeout limit for API connections to 10 seconds, as we had a small number of reports of timeouts.

[03–Dec-2020] 2.1.2

– Bug fix for code error in 2.1.1 for new Registrations
– Improved handling of auto-formatting of telephone numbers to match Registry requirements.
– Changed text in the client template so when domain details are filled in, it says “Ready to Proceed” instead of “You’re Done”
to remove potential confusion during order process.
– Improve code in hooks

[02–Dec-2020] 2.1.1

– Updated the Domain Renewal function to cater for domains that are expired, but have been Auto Renewed by the Registry,
so that when the domain is renewed by the client, it does not end up with +1 extra years on the renewal period of the invoice
– Support for WHMCS internal Domain Expiry Date Sync function has been re-enabled
– New optional cron script enabled for Active Sync. This can be run as often as you want and it will check any pending .ie
domains in WHMCS, and if they are live with the .IE Registry, it will change the domain from “Pending Registration” to “Active”
in WHMCS. See the README file.
– Updated procedure for New Registrations to ensure that the Admin Contact uses personal details.
– Company field hidden when Individual selected in Client Area template for New Registrations.
– Various text corrections and code improvements.

[17–Nov-2020] 2.0.5

– Updated settings to have separate rules for “Disable Auto Renew” and normal Expired Domains
– Added a setting to be able to run the Sync Report in Test Mode, so Domain Deletions are Reported int he email, and not Actioned
– Fixed issue where putting 2 email addresses into the Sync Report Email setting would result in it defaulting back to the WHMCS
Domains Settings Email to send the report to.
– Fixed an issue with the Test Connection button that would cause it to fail under certain conditions.
– Various updates to text.

[16–Nov-2020] 2.0.4
– Added Test Connection button to the settings page
– Fixed issue with connecting to Live Titan API
– Fixed issue with length of Contact ID
– Disabled editing of Registrant Name in Domain Contacts, to prevent charges from erroneous changes.

[13–Nov-2020] 2.0.3
– Initial Release of Version 2 of the module to support .IE Titan Upgrade
– Balance widget no longer supported
– Tickets Add-on no longer supported ( to be replaced in subsequent release)
– Min Requirements set to WHMCS 7.9 and PHP 7.2

[16–July-2020] 1.4.3
– General fixes to the iedrsync.php script
– Lowered the timeout limit when sending a command to the IEDR API to avoid long wait times if for some reason the connection isn’t able to be established
– Fix for saving and getting Admin Contact details with a blank company field
– When using WHMCS profile fields as the Admin Contact, set the county to “N/A” when the country is not Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and the USA – as per IEDR requirements
– Update the document uploader in the Ticket system and the Registration interface to accept files of 10MB in size each instead of 5MB to allow for larger smartphone photo submissions
– The Registration interface now requires the Admin Contact details to be filled in – previously it was optional and used the client’s WHMCS profile data when not filled
– The Registration interface has clearer wording about what is permitted in terms of the Domain Registrant and Admin Contact
– The Registration interface charity search link is updated, as it changed since the last release

[14–Jan-2020] 1.4.2
– Tickets: Added WHMCS client field
– Tickets: Click the domain or client label to go to the respective pages in WHMCS
– Main: Fix for bug in multi-year renewals when domain status is NRP
– Main: Fix for translating USA (IEDR Country) vs. United States (WHMCS Country) (also applied to the registration template)
– Main: Fix for Return type not calling Registrar Hooks in WHMCS 7.8
– Main: Show the Domain Holder field on the Modify Contact Page
– IEDR Sync: Added Active domains on the IEDR, with incorrect statuses set in WHMCS to the report
– IEDR Sync: Fix for domains assigned to multiple clients, now focusing on the Active domain in WHMCS when showing the wrong renewal date in the report
– IEDR Sync: Setting domains with a Pending/Pending Registration/Pending Transfer status in WHMCS to Active, if Active in the IEDR

[06–Aug-2019] 1.4.1
– Remove the need for custom Country/Counties for Northern Ireland, as the module now will auto convert internally to match the IEDR system.
– Updated the hook, so after registration of a .ie, the domain is set to ‘Pending Registration’, instead of ‘Pending’
– Various bug fixes & improvements in the new Template interface
– WHMCS 5 & 6 are no longer supported.

[16–June-2019] 1.4.0
– New application template for client area registration of .ie domain names (see demo on https://www.elive.me).
– Removed all registration fields for .ie transfers in the client area – leaving only the EPP code field.
– Document uploader included in the new client area registration process which sends the documents to a nominated email address in the module’s settings.*
– Added CSRF protection using WHMCS native token process to all ajax form requests, including those in the Ticket addon.
– The Ticket addon’s document submission now submits attachments in one email to the IE Domain Registry, where previously it sent each attachment in a separate email.
– Added an option to display the Hostmaster’s Status for each ticket on the ticket index page.
– Various bug fixes and optimisations.

* We will look into sending documents directly to the IE Domain Registry on a hook after registration is complete in a future update, as sending documents to the IE Domain Registry before a ticket is created on their system won’t automatically assign the documents to the ticket after it’s created.

*** NOTE: To make use of the new client area .ie registration template , it is EXTREMELY important that all additional fields need to be exactly as we supply them in additionalfields.php, as the template code heavily relies on each field having a certain index number – set by order of where they’re listed in additionalfields.php.

[20–Dec-2018] 1.3.7
– Optional : Updated Additional Fields to have more clarification around registering
– Optional : Added to the Hook to give an error if some fields are not filled in during order process
– Support for WHMCS Domain expiry date sync.
– IDN Support implemented – This feature is still in BETA, as there are certain limitations EG: Cannot set DNS Servers containing IDN text
– Update to Tickets Add-on – Prevent Domain Holder being changed during Transfer.
– Various Code improvements.
– Fixed an issue with the Tickets Add-on that caused the add-on page to render blank on Activate/Deactivate

[12–Apr-2018] 1.3.6

– Workaround: The IEDR issue related to contacts not having a phone number or company name causing libxml_display_errors has been resolved.
– Fix: Pasting text into fields with invisible characters causing an IEDR UTF-8 Validation Error has been resolved.
– Fix: Hook to set the domain as Pending from Active when a new domain is registered was previously using an incorrect parameter in the WHERE clause.
– Added: Checks to ensure phone number, company, and email fields are formatted correctly before saving contact details. The IEDR accepts any non-empty value without further validation which could cause a libxml_display_error on return if the data doesn’t match the XML schema.
– Added: New configuration option to allow Nameservers to be left as current, or to continue to use the WHMCS default and custom ones specified in the text fields on domain transfer .
– Added: More debug options in the configuration to explicitly add the configuration dumps to the client area and to explicitly include the Login command (which will contain your IEDR username and password) in the dump. Left unchecked the dumps will be limited to the admin area and will exclude the Login command.
– Modified: Charity domains are excluded from the nightly reports and when renewed in WHMCS they now return as successful, without actually processing the renewal with the IEDR – which would return a response with an error.
– Tested for WHMCS 7.5 and encoded to support PHP 5.6 & 7.1 with Ioncube 10.x

[01–Mar-2018] 1.3.5

– Updated the Hook to set a domain to pending after ordering to use the domain ID instead of the name.
– Formatting of amounts in the Balance Widget.
– Updated client site domain contact form to cater for various Country field types in themes
– Better handling of settings, depending on PHP environment settings.
– Various code improvements

[16–Jan-2018] 1.3.3
– Ability to set if Domain Transfers retain existing NS or apply WHMCS Defaults
– Charity domains handling improved. Renewal will not send a renewal request to the IEDR and they no longer appear in the Sync Report
– Improved handling of Debug messages.
– Some code cleanup and description updates.
– Included an ‘extras’ folder that has some sample customisations. Please see the README.txt file in that folder.

[15–Dec-2017] 1.3.2
– Implemented checking on Domain Transfer. If a ticket exists for the domain already, the transfer is not processed.
– Improved handling of line breaks in Ticket Remarks updating.
– Some code cleanup.

[19–Oct-2017] 1.3.1
Implemented IEDR API 1.8
Bug Fix : Multiline Ticket Remarks were being sent as single lines.

[10–Aug-2017] 1.3

Added IEDR Tickets Addon to be able to view and update tickets from within WHMCS
Added IEDR Widget to show the current Deposit Balance on the WHMCS home screen
Added an tick box option during registration to set a domain to Charity. If set to No, then the text in the Charity field is ignored, so clients cannot set a domain to charity by accident.
Fixed an issue for multi-year renewals.
Added an option to the Config to choose between instant payment or setting domain to RenewOnce on 1 Year Renewals
Added Config option to set the From address of emails sent from the Ticket document submission process.
Added the ability to modify the Admin Contact details on a domain for WHMCS Admins and Clients

[16-Dec-2016] 1.2.1 Bug fix in Nightly File Sync and text updates

[12-Dec-2016] Version 1.2

Updated to IEDR API 1.7 and tested with WHMCS 7.0.x and PHP 7

[24-Jun-2016] Version 1.1

Product Launched