Your Domain name is your very own ‘brand’ or ‘identity’ in the internet. It allows you have your own website and email addresses that you have control over and can host wherever you want.

As a .ie and .uk Registrar, Elive™ provide domain name registration services for most domain names. If you have any requirements for registration of TLD’s not listed here, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


Search for your domain name here now to find and secure your internet identity today.

Domain: www.
Elive Tip : Keep your domain simple. Avoid dashes and runs of the same letters. Say it out loud, it needs to be something you can easily say to people over the phone or in Audio Advertising. You dont want the spend every phone call spelling out your domain or missing business because people mis-spell your domain name.

Domain Prices

All prices in Euros and are per 1 year registration/renewal unless otherwise stated. For any TLD's not listed below, please contact us for pricing.
TLDRegister / TransferRenewal5 Year RegisterNotes
.ie€9.99€24.99€110**Documentation needed to register this. Make sure you comply before registering.
.me.uk12.99 2yr12.99 2yr** €12.99 For 2 years View Nominet Terms
.co.uk12.99 2yr12.99 2yr** €12.99 For 2 years View Nominet Terms
.uk12.99 2yr12.99 2yr** €12.99 For 2 years View Nominet Terms
.cn29.9929.99130Requires Trading entity in Asia
.ae4949220* Requires UAE Physical Address
.eu€15€15€70** New EURid Policy. .eu domains go to redemption 3 days before expiry

Note: Domain purchases are final and cannot be refunded.

For information on renewal and expired domains please view our KnowledgeBase article

Elive do not charge any extra fees to transfer your domain to another provider but expired domains cannot be transferred. Click Here for details on how to transfer your domain to another provider.

DNS Management

To manage your DNS Records, login to our DNS management system at

You will have received login details to this system when you signed up with us. If you do not have these, please email and they will be re-issued to the account holder

Even if you did not register your domain names through Elive™, you can still use our DNS Management system for a central place to easily manage your DNS zone files. Sign Up now for only €50 + vat p.a.  per 25 domain pack. Thats only €2 per domain !