At Elive™, we specialise in email solutions for our clients. All our Hosting packages include email hosting for accounts like <your_name>@<your_domain_name>.

All our servers support POP3 and IMAP protocols for checking for mail, and also include webmail access, so you can login to your check your email from any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.



If you would like to use Microsoft’s Cloud Email services, we can get you setup with Office 365, which includes 50Gb mailboxes, 1Tb OneDrive for file storage, Calendar sharing and Office Apps. If you have an existing email setup, like an Exchange Server or IMAP accounts, we can also help with migration services.  Contact us today on 061 – 305038 to discuss your needs.


All our email servers include Backup MX records with our backup mail servers located in different DataCenters. This means that if there is ever any issue with the primary mail server, your emails will be queued up on the backup server until the primary server is back online. So you will never lose an email and people you correspond with will not get bounce backs. If you host your own email server, we can provide Backup MX for you, to give you peace of mind.


Even if you do not host with Elive™, we have a number of email services that we can provide.

If you host your own email server, why not check out our Backup MX Record service, or read about our amazing corporate Spam and Virus Scanning Solutions.

We can also provide SMTP Auth services, so you can send emails from any PC, Mac, Server, Smartphone or Tablet. Ideal if you often switch between networks, like when you are travelling.