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Network issue on May 27th

From approx 4pm on May 27th 2024, until approx 6pm, we experienced an intermittent issue with network connectivity. This was discovered to by an issue with routing on our Firewall, and it is currently operating on secondary setup until the problem is identified on the primary setup and resolved. As there may be lingering issues…

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Email from Microsoft re: Your granular admin relationship

If you received an email from Microsoft recently stating “Your Granular admin relationship with elive.net expires soon” , you do not need to worry. Microsoft introduced a new system last year that allows increased levels of security around access to your Office 365 services. As part of this E-Live, as your licence provider, would have…

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Resolved: Issue with Certain Virtual Servers

26th March 2024: Incident Report UpdateWe experienced an issue with our VPS Cluster early Saturday morning. An issue with a configuration corruption caused a problem with nodes, resulting in some customers’ VPS’s going offline, but were not able to run from another node. To resolve this, we had to isolate the affected nodes to run…

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  4. Any log entries available that will assist us

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