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Issue with Blank Emails

Report and Actions: The issue was caused by a particular malformed email with compressed attachments that caused the RAMDisk used by MailScanner to fill to 100%. During this, other emails being scanned in that batch could have been truncated, so only partial headers were passed to Postfix for delivery. The malformed email would fail and…

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Important Upcoming Changes to Office 365 Billing

We want to inform you of some important updates to Office 365 Licence Billing. NCEAs previously communicated, Microsoft introduced NCE last year, which brought about important changes, you can review these here:https://www.elive.net/microsoft-nce-updates/ The most important part of this is that you are tied to your minimum quantity of each Licence Type for each 12 month…

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Degraded Network Performance

Update 19:00: The attack has been blocked and appears to have stopped now, all traffic has returned to normal levels. We will continue to monitor this for the evening. 20th Feb 2023 17:30: There is currently a DDOS attack in progress against some servers in the Data Centre, resulting in poor and intermittent service to…

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