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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering the guaranteed performance of Elive’s network infrastructure. The network or services of Third-Party services, such as Office 365, Domain Registries, SSL Cert Providers, Client Servers or Third Party Backup solutions are not covered by this Agreement.

Customer Technical Support

Elive Ltd provide technical support and assistance by email telephone, or direct submission of a ticket through our online client portal, elive.me, to resolve day-to-day technical difficulties or queries of The Client.
Telephone support is available from 09:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday. Out of hours support is provided 24/7 365 days per year by email.
If The Client requests support in an emergency, Elive endeavour to respond to all tickets within 4-5 hours, however please allow up to 24 hours.

Network Usage

Due to the nature of the Internet Elive cannot guarantee the integrity, accuracy, security or consistency of the stored information on our servers or for data being delivered to or from our servers.

  • The Client agrees to keep a master backup of all stored information.
  • The Client shall not hold Elive liable for any loss of or corruption of data.
  • The Client agrees to use Elive’s network for lawful purposes only in keeping with the terms and conditions of hosting.
  • The Client holds responsibility for anyone accessing the network using their account.
  • It is essential that Elive is informed of any breach of The Client Account; to that effect the username and password(s) should be stored securely to ensure no unauthorised person can gain access to them.
  • The Client will only use the resources allocated to their account and they will not infringe on the rights of third parties by using resources excessively.

Elive will use best possible endeavours to protect its servers and network from unauthorised access, according to best industry standards.

Network Hardware

The network and servers are protected by industry best security. The Data Centre that includes our co-located servers are protected by CCTV, secure card areas, air conditioning, smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Monitoring of the site is on a 24/7, 365 days per year basis.
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Network Uptime Guarantee

Elive offer a 99.99% network uptime guarantee. While unlikely, it is possible that Elive may experience some downtime.
This uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance, server hardware failures which may take longer to repair and network infrastructure problems that are beyond Elive’s control.

Dedicated Server Hardware Guarantee

Dedicated server Clients are eligible for Elive’s Hardware Guarantee. If a hardware component included as part of The Client’s dedicated server hardware configuration fails during the term of the contract, Elive will replace it at no charge to The Client.
Elive aim to replace defective hardware causing hardware downtime within 180 minutes of identifying the source of the problem. In exceptional cases replacement may take longer.
Elive will refund 10% of The Client’s monthly fee for hardware failure lasting over 6 hours. Elive will measure the time taken to repair the server. Refunds will be at Elive’s discretion.
This guarantee covers the power supply unit(s), cabling, CPU(s), motherboard, hard disk drive(s), modem(s), network card(s), and disk controller(s).
This guarantee excludes time taken for data recovery or data restoration.

Limitation of Liability

The Client agrees that Elive’s total liability does not extend to any more than the amount the Client has paid for the relevant services. Notwithstanding the above, Elive accepts no liability for any financial loss or damages, however caused, whether consequential or otherwise.


Any complaints regarding our customer service or provision of service should be directed to info@elive.net All complaints will be logged and investigated promptly and the client will be kept updated of progress. We will respond to any complaint within 24 hours and inform you of any actions that will be taken.

Should you be unhappy with the response to your complaint, you can escalate your issue by emailing our Managing Director directly, who will investigate the issue further.