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Bank Phishing Emails (scammers again)

A quick reminder that there are a number of emails doing the rounds again that pretend to be from your Bank.
Most recently are informing you that your ‘Code Card is about to expire’

These are completely fake and you should never fill in the details or even click the links in the email or open the attachments. Often, if you click the link, you will also be subject to an infection attempt on your PC and the senders also now know that your email address is active (so they send you even more).

Combatting the Scammers

However, here in Elive, we try to make their lives harder. Here’s how:
We use a Virtual Machine that we can dispose of, and we open the links the scammers send. We then fill in all the details they ask for with completely made-up details – but making sure it look fairly genuine.
The idea here is that if Scammers send out 5 million emails and get 3 people who they catch out, then it might be profitable for them. But if 1000 people sent back fake details, then they have to try and get money from fake accounts.

They have to go through all those fake ones to try find the real ones. Imagine if 10,000 people did this. it would make the scammers lives very difficult.

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