Server Issue – ELH5 –

Update 25th May 23:30 GMT
We are in the process of migrating the last of the customers off this server. There will be some brief outages in connectivity to email and/or websites in the next few hours.


Update 25th May 11:30 GMT
50% of customers are migrated to new hardware, some customers may still see degraded performance during today, and migration will be completed this late this evening.


24th May 23:10 GMT
We are experiencing degraded performance issue on server ELH5. Suspect Drive failure imminent. Some clients will experience website and/or email connectivity issues for the next few hours while we migrate to new hardware.

Elive Scheduled Maintenance Window – May 16th

Update 23rd May 00:07.
All works have been completed now. Firewall actively blocking over 20 million malicious traffic IP addresses now. Thanks for your patience during the network upgrades.


Update 21st May.
Following on from our updates last weekend, we have another scheduled maintenance window for this coming Friday night, the 22nd May 2020, to perform some extra essential network updates.

The window duration is for 1 hour, from 11.30pm GMT Friday 22nd May 2020 to 00.30am GMT Saturday 23th May 2020.

While the Work Window is set for 1 hour, it is expected that any network connectivity issues would only exist briefly, for a few minutes.

Some customers may experience brief loss of connections during this time, but be assured this will be kept to a minimum while we perform the upgrades.
Customers with external services, such as Office 365 or Google Email for example, would not be affected.


UPDATE : 00:33 17th May. Due to an issue with the firewall config, we have had to reverse out of the scheduled update and revert to the original configuration. We will issue an update via email in the morning with a re-scheduled timeframe for the update.

Check back here also for updates.


Original Post : We have a scheduled maintenance window for this coming Saturday night, the 16th May 2020, to perform some essential network updates, which also include Firewall improvements.

The window duration is for 2 hours, from 11.30pm GMT 16th May 2020 to 1.30am GMT 17th May 2020.

Some customers may experience brief loss of connections during this time, but be assured this will be kept to a minimum while we perform the upgrades.

One of the main features of this upgrade is the extra security that will be introduced by the automatic protection from blacklisted IP’s within AbuseIPDB ( )
This will both protect against known hacking bots and help increase site performance by reducing unwanted traffic.

Server issue ELH8

Update 13th March 00:50 : The issue has been resolved and all services are running normally again now.

12th March 23:40 : We are currently investigation an issue with websites server ELH8 ( ) Hope to have a resolution shortly. Email is unaffected.

Office Power Failure

We are currently experiencing a power failure in our Office Building in Limerick, so our phone lines are not active.

This does not affect our server operation, so all services are running as expected.

Please bear with us and if you have an issue, email

Thanks for your patience, we expect to return to normal service shortly.

.UK Right of Registration Release Domains

Elive are a participating Registrar in the .UK ROR Release, starting July 1st.

Up until the 25th June 2019, any holder of a domain had the right to register the equivalent .uk domain

Now that this deadline has passed Nominet are releasing the unclaimed domains into the public domain for anyone to register.

From July 1st to 5th , these domains will be released in batches and will be sold on a first come basis. Demand is expected to be high, so even if an order is placed, there is no guarantee of securing the domain.

Should you wish to request a domain, please contact us at with your query , or you can place an order via our website

The batches of domains will be released as per the schedule below: 

1st July – Batch 1: Domains beginning 0-9, a-b 

2nd July – Batch 2: Domains beginning c-f 

3rd July – Batch 3: Domains beginning g-m 

4th July – Batch 4: Domains beginning n-s 

5th July – Batch 5: Domains beginning t-z

TCP SACK Vulnerabilities

3 TCP SACK Vulnerabilities have been identified in Linux kernels higher than v 2.6.29 and need to be patched immediately.

The vulnerability does not enable privilege escalation, and does not allow an attacker access to any privileged information.

To update, you should run the relevant command on your Linux system to install the updates.

On Redhat/CentOS, issue the commands:
$ sudo yum clean all
$ sudo yum update

For Debian/Ubuntu, issue the commands :
$ sudo apt-get clean
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Once completed, you will need to reboot your server.


You can temporarily disable sack until the next reboot by using the following command:

$ echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_sack

This will allow you to keep your server active until you can schedule a convenient time to do the kernel update and reboot.

Christmas Holidays 2018

Our offices are closed from Fri 21st December 2018 to Wed 2nd Jan 2019.

If you require assistance, our support staff will be on call all over the holidays, please open a ticket via our website or email

If you need sales assistance, you can place an order for hosting services or domains via our website or email

A network infrastructure freeze is in place until the 7th Jan 2019.

We wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and from all staff here in Elive, a big Thank You for all your business and support.

Issue with server ELH4

13th June – 16:09 : We are investigating an issue with server ELH4 ( at present. We expect only a few minutes of an issue.

Update 16:18 : the server is operational again now.

Issue with Email Scanner MX10

June 12th 2018 6:00am : We are investigating an issue with Email Scanner MX10 at the moment, which may result in short delays in email delivery.

Update 7:20am – the server running as normal again now.

E•Live reduced opening hours

E•Live will be operating reduced opening hours on 1 and 2 March as Met Éireann issued a fresh red weather alert for Munster.
Our offices will be closed from 2pm Thursday until at least 12pm Friday.

If you have any support issues, please email or contact us on Twitter @eliveirl  and one of our on-call support staff will handle your issue.

Please check back here for updates.

Thank you for your patience,

Server issue ELH12

Update 16:00 : The server is running normally again now.

22nd Feb : We are aware of an issue with hosting server ELH12 related to website databases. We are investigating this at the moment.

Server Updates

22:00 Feb 3rd : We are performing some essential updates to servers and our network tonight. Some users might experience very brief connection issues.

Server Issue ELH7 (

10:30am We are currently investigating an issue with this server. 

10:53am : A DDOS type attack from Chinese IP Addresses is being mitigated at the moment. There server is operational, but performance might be degraded for a short while.

Network Upgrades – Tue 19th

21:00 : We are performing some essential network upgrades this evening. There may be brief periods of connectivity issues to a small number of servers (2-3 mins max). Please be patient if you experience any issues.