Store all your important data with Online Data Backup Solution. All our packages allow you to securely backup your files to our servers. Each night we will then replicate your data to a separate Storage Device to give you double redundancy.

With FTP and SFTP support, our solution gives you the flexibility to use most software solutions available or even write your own custom backup script.

  • Price
  • Details
  • FTP Access
  • SFTP Access
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  • €15 p.m.
  • 20Gb Storage
  • Pay annually and get 2 months free

  • €25 p.m.
  • 40Gb Storage
  • Pay annually and get 2 months free
  • €45 p.m.
  • 80Gb Storage
  • Pay annually and get 2 months free

We recommend you also encrypt and compress your data before backing it up to our servers, to ensure maximum security and save space. If supported by your software, perform ‘delta’ or ‘incremental’ backups so that you only transfer changed files on each backup to make them faster and more reliable.
It is also better to backup files individually and not as one large compressed file, as it makes restoring the one essential file much faster and also helps prevent issues if there is a dropped connection during the backup. For example, if you are half way through backing up one large 1GB zip of all your files, and your broadband connection drops for 5 minutes, then the transfer fails and you have no backup. Backing up individual, small files means there is less chance of missing files.