Elive™ Property Listing WordPress Plugin

8f7d4a3c-7c9f-42c6-8100-ed521f41fc34Our Property Listing Plugin for WordPress is the fast and simple way to link your WordPress site to all your Sales and Lettings Listings on Daft.ie.

Auctioneers who use DAFT to list their properties have all the details entered on the DAFT.ie website already and do not want the hassle of having to type it all in again on their own website, or updating 2 sets of lists once a property is sold or rented.

All your active DAFT.ie listings are shown on your website, including photos, without you having to enter them twice and your clients have a powerful search tool.

With our simple Elive™ Property Listing plugin, you can decide what fields to allow users to search by, what values can be searched (e.g. limit searches to local counties only, or not allow commercial property searches if you do not handle such listings), and what details to show on the property results pages.


You can also set which of your listings to show as a featured property anywhere on your site.

To get running , you simply enter your DAFT API key, setup some quick settings and then you can use our supplied template pages or just enter our short codes to your own pages. You can have your site showing all your daft listings within 10 minutes.

Main Features:

  • Bring Traffic directly to your site so you can advertise all your services.
  • Ability to set the Search form, results and advert details template pages
  • Set the number of items per page to display
  • Sort results by 3 different sort options
  • Set 3 featured properties easily from a menu selection
  • Customise your Search Form, showing your labels and just the fields you want.
  • Set your price search values according to your own preferences
  • Easily set the items to show on your Property Details Page, such as photos, BER Rating etc
  • No need to administer 2 lists. As you update your DAFT listings, the changes are instantly showing on your website
  • Listed that are Sale Agreed have a specific banner on them to reflect this.
  • Listings can have a contact form on them to allow clients to contact you directly.

Our Property Listing Plugin is available for only €299 + vat  

*** Comes with 30 day, no questions, Money Back Guarantee. If the plugin does not meet your needs and you decide not to use it, we will be happy to fully refund your purchase within 30 days. ***





Have a look at some screenshots (click to enlarge):


Our plugin should be compatible with most templates and is mobile responsive.

ChangeLog :

1.2.9 – 24-March-2021

  • Graphical representation of BER rate on all listings
  • External link to google maps fixes

1.2.8 – 02-February-2021

  • 3rd party libraries update to fix compatibility issues with jQuery 3.x.x
  • template upgrades on advert details to better handle pictures when 3rd party plugins are disabled
  • plugin library update to fix compatibility issues with jQuery 3.x.x
  • Cross-Site request forgery protection token improvements on failed server response
  • admin area compatibility fixes
  • templates function improvements to better handle resources update
  • improvements in serving scripts based on shortcodes

1.2.7 – 30-November-2020

  • Fixing issue with adblocker that stops ajax requests in search form
  • Fixing issue with incorrect data showed on lease length, advert images, agreed option when empty default option selected
  • Fixing issue with non value label in search form on bootstrap theme

1.2.6 – 20-November-2020

  • Advertiser email template structure changed

1.2.5 – 18-November-2020

  • Added ability to manually handle where contact advertiser email is sent to
  • Added ability to change contact advertiser email “from” data
  • Fixing issue with no confirmation messages on the screen after contacting advertiser via contact form
  • Fixing issue with wrong email headers on cc contacts set on contact advertiser
  • vendors source code versions updated

1.2.4 – 06-November-2020

  • Fixing issue with incorrect agreed label showed up on properties to let

1.2.3 – 08-September-2020

  • Fixing issue with passing incorrect values for search results on some of the property type items

1.2.2 – 03-September-2020

  • Fixing issue with CSRF token distribution on cached javascript produced by some wordpress caching plugins
  • Fixing issue with loading sources for shortcodes
  • Fixing warning related with plugin update on search plugins page

1.2.1 – 24-August-2020

  • Fixing range indicator size on large screen
  • Fixing range indicator incorrect values passed to the search form
  • Advert details page thumbnails set to fixed height of 50px
  • Fixing sale agreed label showed incorrect on some items on property search page
  • Featured properties on no images to show enhanced container
  • Removing unnecessary slashes from advert address
  • Fixing update script that was stoping others plugins to be updated

1.2.0 – 21-July-2020

  • Major bug fixes
  • Range fields in search form can produce slider instead of two select boxes with an option to turn on/off in the admin area
  • Listings items in the back end are now separated into global settings and property details page
  • Admin options to choose between available plugin themes
  • Html code separated from php code for easy custom tweaks if needed
  • Ability to turn on/off plugin vendors assets from admin area
  • Ability to use content delivery network for vendors assets to speed up load time of the page
  • Images are now lazy loaded to speed up load time of the page
  • Custom Css option integrated with current plugin template
  • Added customize link in admin plugin list for easier access the settings

1.1.8 – 20-July-2020

  • pre 1.2.0 update with major issues fixed and system check for server compatibility for v1.2.0

1.1.7 – 29-April-2019

  • Fixed incorrect linking to the advert details on widget – incorrect advert id shown
  • Fixed handling of advert details while not available through the API

1.1.6 – 22-August-2018

  • Removed checking if shortcode exists on pages when saving General Options. (better compatibility with Page Builders)
  • Property widget option added to only show main image with no animation scroll.
  • Improved error / ok messages displaying on admin side.

1.1.5 – 05-March-2018

  • Added Custom CSS Tab to allow style changes carry between upgrades.
  • Added Shortcode for “Agreed”. See ReadMe for feature description.

1.1.4 – 22-July-2017

  • Fixed issue for displayed price on commercial properties in Featured Listings.

1.1.3 – 25-May-2017

  • Fixed issue with searching non visible default values
  • Fixed issue with searched values not set as a default on the search form
  • Contact details header and advert detail header are now separate styles

1.1.2 – 21-March-2017

  • Fixed issue where Sale/Let Agreed listings were not showing in Commercial Listing Searches

1.1.1 – 25-February-2017

  • Showing prices on commercial properties bug fixes

1.1 – 19-January-2017

  • Update to Featured properties to allow extra types
  • Demo mode bug fixes
  • Switching api mode now sets all active Featured Properties widgets to random instead of keeping old values and showing errors
  • Switching api mode now sets all active Featured Properties to random instead of keeping old values and showing errors
  • Using Daft Api V3 instead of V2
  • Some small bug fixes on Daft mode
  • Small CSS changes on Featured properties

1.0.23 – 5-November-2016

  • Bug fix : Areas are now auto populated in the search from if a default county is preset.

1.0.22 – 27-September-2016

  • Bug fix in auto populating search form values.
  • Fixed a bug in javascript when featured property shortcode was used in a widget area

1.0.21 – 14-July-2016

  • Minor code updates to prevent PHP Notice Errors in some functions.
  • Additions to ReadMe

1.0.20 – 13-Apr-2016

  • Added the ability to set the Featured Property in a Widget to Random and also modified the behaviour of the widget so if a single chosen property is removed from Daft, then Random one is shown, instead of an error regarding the property not being available.

1.0.19 – 27-Nov-2015

  • Fixed in issue with contact form not working on a property if it was Sale or Letting Agreed on Daft.

1.0.18 – 14-Oct-2015

  • Fixed an issue with saving general settings if site was using certain page builder plugins
  • Site Property types do not show bedrooms/bathrooms in Search Results.
  • Added the ability to have parameters in the Search Form shortcode so elements are pre-filled.

1.0.17 – 09-Oct-2015

  • Added the ability to set custom text on Form Submit buttons
  • Modified the Commercial Search function to not show bedrooms and bathrooms fields in Search Results

1.0.16 – 29-July-2015

  • Added extra sorting order for property listings. Now has Date Ascending and Descending
  • Fixed an issue with featured properties not showing when API key changed
  • Changed operation of saving API key which would cause the new key to not apply.

1.0.15 – 08-June-2015

  • Some CSS changes to fix some issues and improve mobile browser compatibility

1.0.14 – 16-Apr-2015

  • *** We have added some great NEW features to the plugin, based on top feedback requests ***
  • NEW – Search by Areas. Now you can enable Areas, so when a county is picked, the search can be narrowed to a specific area.
  • NEW – Featured Property Widget
  • NEW – Multiple Featured Properties. You can now have up to 3 separate Featured Properties via shortcodes
  • NEW – Random Featured Properties. Instead of picking one, you have any one appear at random.
  • Removed the need to have the search form shortcode in the page chosen in the settings, as it might be just using the Search Widget.
  • Updated some code to have better compatibility with PHP 5.4

1.0.13 – 15-Jan-2015

  • Fixed a bug in Pagination when shortcodes were used to display results.
  • When Price is zero, text updated to match rental or sale
  • When Sale Agreed, notification displayed updated to match rental or sale

1.0.12 – 12-Jan-2015

  • Fixed an issue with a DEFINE that was displaying a PHP Notice Error if enabled.

1.0.11 – 10-Jan-2015

  • Updated to correct layout and format of property description displayed on Details Page.

1.0.10 – 16-Dec-2014

  • Fixed an issue with retaining search values between pages.
  • Some CSS Updates
  • Added Demo Mode to allow testing without API key
  • Label Text updated in some areas for clearer meanings.

1.0.9 – 08-Dec-2014

  • Fixed an issue introduced in last update with thumbnail sizes on Property Details Page.
  • Fixed URL on ‘Back to Search’ button.
  • Navigation links in lightbox uses PNG by default now.
  • Add feature to shortcodes to allow multiple proptypes, counties and housetypes.
  • Fixed an issue where link to daft.ie was always hidden on search results page.
  • Small CSS updates
  • Updated URL Strings due to issue with Long URL Filtering in some Security Plugins

1.0.8 – 05-Dec-2014

  • Fixed an issue where main image on property details page was low res version
  • If link to daft site is turned off in the Listings Items page, then it also is hidden on the results listing page.
  • Navigation links in the images lightbox updated to be PNG files as not all web servers support SVG.

1.0.7 – 09-Oct-2014

  • Updated listings to show text if price is Zero.

1.0.6 – 20-May-2014

  • Added the ability to have parameters on results short code so you can have a defined results listing.

1.0.5 – 22-Nov-2013

  • Changed the Sort Order of listed properties to show latest added first.
  • This will be a Preferences Option in a future version.

1.0.4 – 20-Nov-2013

  • Just some updates to text and labels. Typos and grammar checked.
  • Updated the Readme with much better usage instructions.

1.0.3 – 19-Nov-2013

  • Fixed a bug in Pagination.
  • Fixed a bug in ajax requests related to permalinks.

1.0.2 – 07-Nov-2013

  • Added listing Sale Agreed Properties.
  • Typo fixes.
  • Changed names of forms created by plugin.
  • Various CSS updates/fixes.

1.0.1 – 02-Oct-2013

  • Fixed bug in update process.


    • Plugin Launch. Sept 2013.