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Lower Prices – Better Value from Elive

We are pleased to announce today that we have introduced new lower prices on many of our services. We have also increased many of the features on our hosting plans.

Here is a summary of our price changes

Domain Registration:

.ie down from €29.99 pa to €27.99 pa –  over 6% reduction

.com/.net/.org/.eu down from €14.99 pa to €12.99 pa –  over 13% reduction


Lite down from €69 pa to €65 pa –  over 5% reduction and features extended

Lite Business down from €99 pa to €95 pa –  over 4% reduction and features extended

Startlive down from €129 pa to €125 pa –  over 3% reduction and features extended

NEW : Basic Hosting package at only €55 pa. So if you have a domain name registered elsewhere, you can avail of our great value hosting.

Spam & Virus Scanning

Our level one scanning package has reduced from €150 pa to €130 – over 13% reduction

Scanning Complete down from €180 pa to €170 pa – over 5% reduction

SSL Certs:

Rapid SSL down from €39.99 pa to €34.99 pa –  over 12% reduction

Dedicated Servers:

Over €20 per month off most of our Dedicated Servers!


This is just the start of things in 2013, we have plans to introduce more great value products and services during the year and bring you some great special offers this summer.

And remember, when our logo changes at the top of our site, make sure you click it to get great special offer codes or to win some fantastic prizes!!



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