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We are getting rid of our 1890 number – Here’s Why

We are getting rid of our 1890 354831 number. You can still contact us on 061 305038. Let us explain why and why you should too.

When Elive started, way back in 1997, broadband was a dream, 56k dialup was nearly mainstream (big leap from 33k !!) and having ISDN was a luxury.

Back then, Irish people paid per minute for phone calls, and there was a different rate for local and national calls.

Like many companies, Elive had an 1890 number, which meant you could call us from anywhere in Ireland and only be charged the price of a local call.
1890 number work by only charging the caller the price of a local call, and the receiver of the call pays the difference if its a national call.

Lots of things have changed since then, and nowadays, most people have call packages, so you have X minutes of (or unlimited) local/national calls included in your monthly fixed cost.

So if you called Elive on 061 305038, its part of your package minutes. No cost incurred.

However, 1890 numbers are not included in a package, typically, so if you called us on our 1890 number, you get charged for the call outside of your package cost, and we also have to pay for the call.

So really, the concept of a 1890, and even a 1800, number is really an outdated idea, but Telco’s still like them as they get to charge per minute.

Elive have withdrawn our 1890 number, so remember to update our phone number in your phone book to 061 305038.

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