WHMCS IEDR Registrar Module


Our WHMCS-IEDR plugin provides .ie Registrars with an easy and simple method to link their WHMCS installation to the IE Domain Registry’s API, to provide full support for clients and administrators to be able to register, renew and cancel domains from directly within WHMCS.




Once installed, it seamlessly
integrates, and adds an important level of automation for your
clients with .ie Domains. With support for all the .ie custom fields, DNS Server modifications and issuing Transfer Auth Codes, your clients can now fully manage all their .ie domains 24 hours a day, freeing up your staff’s valuable time.

You can also, optionally schedule a nightly cron job that will report on domains that the renewal date in WHMCS do not match that of the IEDR.



From v1.4, we have added a great new layout to the Templates, so your customers have an easy to use click-through system for picking their criteria to register a .ie domain, including a document uploader to send supporting documents, right from within the registration process







Order WHMCS-IEDR Registrar Module now for only €150 +vat once off and an annual license charge of €150 + vat that includes all updates.

This includes FREE installation by one of our expert technical staff, if required.



*** Backed by our 30 day Money back Guarantee. If you are not happy with the product for any reason, notify us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund you in FULL, no questions asked.

[Key Features]

Direct link to the IEDR API within WHMCS to allow :

  • Register .ie Domains (Client and Admin)
  • Renew .ie Domains (Client and Admin)
  • Transfer .ie Domains (Client and Admin)
  • Request Delete on .ie Domains (Admin)
  • Remove .ie Domains from NRP (Admin)
  • Request Transfer Auth Code for .ie Domains (Client and Admin)
  • Update DNS servers (Client and Admin)
  • Update Admin Contact Info (Client and Admin)
  • Nightly Report on Domain Dates (Admin)
  • Debug Mode (Admin)
  • Use IEDR Test or Live API
  • Custom fields on Registration to comply with IEDR Registration information requirements
  • View and Update IEDR Tickets Addon Module
  • View current IEDR Account Balance Widget


PHP 7.1 or higher, MySQL 5.x, WHMCS 7.x, IonCube Loader, IEDR API Account.

Tested up to with v7.10.2 of WHMCS and IEDR API 1.8

PHP 7 compatible.


[16–July-2020] 1.4.3
– General fixes to the iedrsync.php script
– Lowered the timeout limit when sending a command to the IEDR API to avoid long wait times if for some reason the connection isn’t able to be established
– Fix for saving and getting Admin Contact details with a blank company field
– When using WHMCS profile fields as the Admin Contact, set the county to “N/A” when the country is not Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and the USA – as per IEDR requirements
– Update the document uploader in the Ticket system and the Registration interface to accept files of 10MB in size each instead of 5MB to allow for larger smartphone photo submissions
– The Registration interface now requires the Admin Contact details to be filled in – previously it was optional and used the client’s WHMCS profile data when not filled
– The Registration interface has clearer wording about what is permitted in terms of the Domain Registrant and Admin Contact
– The Registration interface charity search link is updated, as it changed since the last release
[14–Jan-2020] 1.4.2
– Tickets: Added WHMCS client field
– Tickets: Click the domain or client label to go to the respective pages in WHMCS
– Main: Fix for bug in multi-year renewals when domain status is NRP
– Main: Fix for translating USA (IEDR Country) vs. United States (WHMCS Country) (also applied to the registration template)
– Main: Fix for Return type not calling Registrar Hooks in WHMCS 7.8
– Main: Show the Domain Holder field on the Modify Contact Page
– IEDR Sync: Added Active domains on the IEDR, with incorrect statuses set in WHMCS to the report
– IEDR Sync: Fix for domains assigned to multiple clients, now focusing on the Active domain in WHMCS when showing the wrong renewal date in the report
– IEDR Sync: Setting domains with a Pending/Pending Registration/Pending Transfer status in WHMCS to Active, if Active in the IEDR
[06–Aug-2019] 1.4.1
– Remove the need for custom Country/Counties for Northern Ireland, as the module now will auto convert internally to match the IEDR system.
– Updated the hook, so after registration of a .ie, the domain is set to ‘Pending Registration’, instead of ‘Pending’
– Various bug fixes & improvements in the new Template interface
– WHMCS 5 & 6 are no longer supported.
[16–June-2019] 1.4.0
– New application template for client area registration of .ie domain names (see demo on https://www.elive.me).
– Removed all registration fields for .ie transfers in the client area – leaving only the EPP code field.
– Document uploader included in the new client area registration process which sends the documents to a nominated email address in the module’s settings.*
– Added CSRF protection using WHMCS native token process to all ajax form requests, including those in the Ticket addon.
– The Ticket addon’s document submission now submits attachments in one email to the IE Domain Registry, where previously it sent each attachment in a separate email.
– Added an option to display the Hostmaster’s Status for each ticket on the ticket index page.
– Various bug fixes and optimisations.
* We will look into sending documents directly to the IE Domain Registry on a hook after registration is complete in a future update, as sending documents to the IE Domain Registry before a ticket is created on their system won’t automatically assign the documents to the ticket after it’s created.
*** NOTE: To make use of the new client area .ie registration template , it is EXTREMELY important that all additional fields need to be exactly as we supply them in additionalfields.php, as the template code heavily relies on each field having a certain index number – set by order of where they’re listed in additionalfields.php.
[20–Dec-2018] 1.3.7
– Optional : Updated Additional Fields to have more clarification around registering
– Optional : Added to the Hook to give an error if some fields are not filled in during order process
– Support for WHMCS Domain expiry date sync.
– IDN Support implemented – This feature is still in BETA, as there are certain limitations EG: Cannot set DNS Servers containing IDN text
– Update to Tickets Add-on – Prevent Domain Holder being changed during Transfer.
– Various Code improvements.
– Fixed an issue with the Tickets Add-on that caused the add-on page to render blank on Activate/Deactivate

[12–Apr-2018] 1.3.6

– Workaround: The IEDR issue related to contacts not having a phone number or company name causing libxml_display_errors has been resolved.
– Fix: Pasting text into fields with invisible characters causing an IEDR UTF-8 Validation Error has been resolved.
– Fix: Hook to set the domain as Pending from Active when a new domain is registered was previously using an incorrect parameter in the WHERE clause.
– Added: Checks to ensure phone number, company, and email fields are formatted correctly before saving contact details. The IEDR accepts any non-empty value without further validation which could cause a libxml_display_error on return if the data doesn’t match the XML schema.
– Added: New configuration option to allow Nameservers to be left as current, or to continue to use the WHMCS default and custom ones specified in the text fields on domain transfer .
– Added: More debug options in the configuration to explicitly add the configuration dumps to the client area and to explicitly include the Login command (which will contain your IEDR username and password) in the dump. Left unchecked the dumps will be limited to the admin area and will exclude the Login command.
– Modified: Charity domains are excluded from the nightly reports and when renewed in WHMCS they now return as successful, without actually processing the renewal with the IEDR – which would return a response with an error.
– Tested for WHMCS 7.5 and encoded to support PHP 5.6 & 7.1 with Ioncube 10.x

[01–Mar-2018] 1.3.5

– Updated the Hook to set a domain to pending after ordering to use the domain ID instead of the name.
– Formatting of amounts in the Balance Widget.
– Updated client site domain contact form to cater for various Country field types in themes
– Better handling of settings, depending on PHP environment settings.
– Various code improvements

[16–Jan-2018] 1.3.3
– Ability to set if Domain Transfers retain existing NS or apply WHMCS Defaults
– Charity domains handling improved. Renewal will not send a renewal request to the IEDR and they no longer appear in the Sync Report
– Improved handling of Debug messages.
– Some code cleanup and description updates.
– Included an ‘extras’ folder that has some sample customisations. Please see the README.txt file in that folder.

[15–Dec-2017] 1.3.2
– Implemented checking on Domain Transfer. If a ticket exists for the domain already, the transfer is not processed.
– Improved handling of line breaks in Ticket Remarks updating.
– Some code cleanup.

[19–Oct-2017] 1.3.1
Implemented IEDR API 1.8
Bug Fix : Multiline Ticket Remarks were being sent as single lines.

[10–Aug-2017] 1.3

  • Added IEDR Tickets Addon to be able to view and update tickets from within WHMCS
  • Added IEDR Widget to show the current Deposit Balance on the WHMCS home screen
  • Added an tick box option during registration to set a domain to Charity. If set to No, then the text in the Charity field is ignored, so clients cannot set a domain to charity by accident.
  • Fixed an issue for multi-year renewals.
  • Added an option to the Config to choose between instant payment or setting domain to RenewOnce on 1 Year Renewals
  • Added Config option to set the From address of emails sent from the Ticket document submission process.
  • Added the ability to modify the Admin Contact details on a domain for WHMCS Admins and Clients

[16-Dec-2016] 1.2.1 Bug fix in Nightly File Sync and text updates

[12-Dec-2016] Version 1.2

  • Updated to IEDR API 1.7 and tested with WHMCS 7.0.x and PHP 7

[24-Jun-2016] Version 1.1

  • Product Launched