Your Business

Our ethos is in keeping business local and supporting each other.

At Elive, we care about your business. You will always get a personal experience with Elive and talk to real people who are interested in what you do. You are not another faceless number and you get to deal with real people in Elive, no automated phone systems.

We actively promote a culture in Elive of supporting our clients, so we always endeavour to use our clients as suppliers too, so that business is passed back. Our staff will also actively search our client list to find suppliers for personal purchases.


Our servers are housed in an Irish Data Centre, so your data is safe and secure within the EEA.



When it comes to your bandwidth and disk space usage, going over your limits per month will not mean your site shuts down, unlike other providers.

When comparing our packages to other providers, the most common question we get asked is why our usage limits do not offer ‘Unlimited’. We do this deliberately to help safeguard our clients and ensure you get the best service.

We closely monitor our servers, but it is easy for sites to be hacked these days because of badly written php/asp scripts or a new found security hole in open-source software being used. When this happens, a clients site usage or disk space can rocket, due to hosting malware or the site being used to send spam or spread viruses.

If you have a hosting account with un-necessarily large usage limits, then this might go un-noticed until your site is blacklisted in search engines or other adverse effects. Our package usage limits suit 99% of all clients and enables us to quickly identify any issues.

Also, if you are on shared hosting with another provider that have large limits, then you could be sharing the server with sites that are a resource hog, making your site’s performance suffer.

Sometimes less is more. We know this from over 25 years in the hosting game.