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*Domain Renewal Notices…

Further to a recent notification by the IE Domain Registry and a number of calls from our customers, we would like to bring to your attention that a company operating under the name of “Internet Register Ireland” are in the process of contacting businesses, soliciting them to register their domain names.

The IE Domain Registry have informed us that no such organisation has been authorised to act on their behalf.

If you are uncertain about who your domain name is registered with, what its expiration date is or any such details about the renewal of your domain name, please contact us to discuss.


*Spoofed Email Addresses…

As spam traffic levels continue to increase, so too do the tactics used by spammers.
Recent support tickets show a growing concern among email users about the “from” addresses used by spammers to generate junk mail.

Spammers use a technique of sending out Spam emails from random email addresses some of which are often legitimate business email addresses that have simply been spoofed.

If you find that you receive a spam message from a collegue, a supplier you deal with or any known organisation, be aware that it more than likely has a spoofed “from” email address and that it was not legitimately sent to you.

In some situations, you may even receive a spam mail which has a spoofed “from” address which is your own email address!!

Be Aware – This Can and Does Happen.

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