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Latest Statistics show that Spam Levels now account for more than 85% of all email traffic in July, according to figures released by Elive Ltd anti-spam and hosting providers.

Recent studies now show that Spammers have swiftly diverted
to using PDF (Portable Document Format) attachments to clog up individuals email accounts, as opposed to using common image file types such a Gifs.

“We have seen changes again in spam tactics in a drive to circumvent anti-spam systems”, commented Sean Ryan, MD of Elive Ltd.
“These changes also mean that the size of an average spam email has now increased by up to 80%, leading to greater traffic levels and also affecting client bandwidth allocations”.

The most prevalent strain of Spam using PDF attachments at present are the “Pump and Dump” stock scams. These type of Spam messages attempt to lure email users into purchasing low cost “penny” stock and shares, thereby to artificially raise the value of these shares which these scammers can then cash in at a raised value.

Email Scanning specialists Asometric predict that spam levels will continue to increase throughout the coming months aswell as ongoing change of tactics.

Statistics for this study were based on figures of over 13 million emails scanned in the month of July. Conversely, Virus and bad content email traffic now merely accounts for below 1% in this monthly average.

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