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Dodgy Valentine’s Day Greetings…..

Scanning Reports globally are reporting a new batch of Valentine’s Day spam emails in abundance today.

Valentine’s Day SPAM Mails include – “Get your Valentine’s Gift bag from ghd” containing an image of a designer handbag encouraging you to click on it.
Another SPAM Mail – “Make Valentine’s Day Night a memorable one”, this contains a link to another website advertising for a herbal formula called VPXL.

Nowadays spammers eagerly link spam attacks to significant holidays and events in an attempt to catch out and target eager celebrators.

Stats on our Scanning Servers show huge increase in subjects relating to Valentine’s Day Celebrations today being quarantined. On average stopping up to 90% of all such spam mails.

Celebrate this Valentine’s carefully and don’t be fooled by bogus spam emails wishing you well.

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