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Important Information for Domain Resellers

With the NIS2 Directive due to come into effect in 2024, this is timely reminder to all domain resellers that, when putting through a new Domain Registration, to ensure all the End-user client details are correct on the Domain Registrant details.

Entering your own email address or phone number on the domain Registrant or Admin information may result in the domain application being held-up until the correct details are provided.

The Know-Your-Customer process is going to become very important with NIS2, so get into the best practice now, and ensure you have the full client details entered with Registering a new Domain.

We would also recommend you review the Registrant & Admin Contact Details on all existing domains in your account, to ensure all details are correct and up-to-date. Please login to your customer portal at and you can review your domains in the Domain section.

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