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Switching your Domain name to another Registrar

Recently Eir have notified clients of the withdrawal of Domain Name Services, as they are retiring this service.

Essentially it means that you will need to transfer any domain names you have with Eir ( formally Eircom ) to another provider, to ensure your website and email continue to operate.

Its really easy to transfer your domain to us here in Elive. Simply reply to the email you got from Eir and request to following:

  1. The Transfer EPP code for each domain, and to have the domain unlocked
  2. A list of the current DNS records in place on your domain.

Once you have those, contact us here at or call 061 305038, and we will start the transfer process and have your domain operational on our servers, with no downtime, as long as your domain has not expired.

Note that transfer times for .ie domains are usually within 1 hour, but for other domains like .com etc, it can take up to 7 days for the domain to be released and complete the transfer.

Contact us today if you need further help on this or have any questions.

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