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Important Upcoming Changes to Office 365 Billing

We want to inform you of some important updates to Office 365 Licence Billing.

As previously communicated, Microsoft introduced NCE last year, which brought about important changes, you can review these here:

The most important part of this is that you are tied to your minimum quantity of each Licence Type for each 12 month period, only allowing for upgrades within that Commit Period.
You can reduce the number of licences at your Annual Renewal Date.

Upcoming Price Increase
From the 1st April 2023, Microsoft are introducing ‘Price Harmonisation’ to ensure prices in Euro match USD prices.
Unfortunately, this means that there will be an average 11% increase in all Office 365 Licences from the 1st April.
This increase will apply at your next Annual Commit Date.

Read full details here:

Furthermore, Microsoft are intending to run this harmonisation twice yearly going forward. 
This is going to create a major impact for both you, as an end user, with regards to budgeting, 
and for Cloud Partners such as ourselves, due to the level of admin work in our Billing System.

Changes to how we bill you
To help with this, we are currently in the process of completing some major updates to our Billing System. The important changes will be:

– Currently we bill ProRata to the 28th of the month on licenses. This will cease to be the case.
– To cater for NCE, we will be synchronising your billing date per Licence Type to your Annual Commit Date with Microsofts NCE system.
** Your Annual Commit date is the date your subscription renews each year, at which time you can downgrade the Quantity or Cancel.
– Where you have multiple ANNUAL licences billed at different times during the year, we will be changing this to 1 single billing date per Licence Type.
We will be calculating any differences in amounts based on remaining days for licences that are paid past the new date, and outstanding days for licences that should renew before the new date, and communicate this to you.
Don’t worry, for small amounts we will not be creating an invoice, extra licence time will be gifted to you.
– For MONTHLY billing, we will be changing the date of the monthly invoice to match the day/month of your next Commit Date. ( most users will get extra days for Free)
– You will be able to see your Commit Date in your online account at and we will also be issuing an email to you as it approaches each year, to give you time to review licence usage.
– For New Additional licences ordered going forward, you will be part-billed for the days remaining from Order Date to your next Billing Date.

We will be in contact to assist
We know this is a lot to process, so we are going to try make this as smooth a transition as possible. 
Our main objective is to make the change to the licences with the minimal disruption to you. 
The worst case scenario would be that you end up with a separate invoice per Licence type, instead of all Licences in one invoice.

We will be in direct contact with you shortly to go through the exact details of any changes that might need to be applied to your Billing with us.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us directly by emailing or call the office on 061-305038.

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