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Issue with Blank Emails

Report and Actions: The issue was caused by a particular malformed email with compressed attachments that caused the RAMDisk used by MailScanner to fill to 100%. During this, other emails being scanned in that batch could have been truncated, so only partial headers were passed to Postfix for delivery. The malformed email would fail and revert into the deferred queue, so would again be processed a few hours later.

We have increased the setting for the RAM disk by a factor of 4 across all Scanning servers.
This issue has never been seen in over 15 years of running scanning servers, so was particularly hard to track down and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update 24th March 17:10: We believe the issue is resolved now, we will post details of the issue shortly. If you still see emails with no body, please notify us at . We are monitoring the server closely this evening.

Update 24th March : We are still investigating the issue. We realise this is a major inconvenience for some customers, so we have a temporary workaround available since 18:00 on the 23rd March. If you receive a blank email, please forward the FROM and DATE/TIME of the email to , we will be able to attempt a resend of the email to you.

Update 17:00 March 23rd : The issue is still present, but is not related to the scanning of the emails. The entire email is still in tact post-scan, but when the postfix mail server attempts delivery to the end user mail server, not all the packet size is being delivered, resulting in only email headers being received.

We are still working on the issue.

10am March 23rd : We are aware of an issue with scanning server where a small number of random emails are arriving to users with the body of the email missing.

We are investigating this.

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