Contact us over Christmas

Elive’s offices are closed from 1pm on the 23rd December, re-opening on the 6th January.

During this time, support staff will be still be working behind the scenes to ensure all your services remain running and to help out. If you have any issues please open a ticket by emailing or open a ticket in our portal

If you need to renew any service or domain, please login to our customer portal and you can pay directly online via Credit Card or Paypal

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support in 2015 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Roll on 2016.



1 and 2 letter .ie domains coming 16th Nov

On the 16th November 2015 the Irish Domain Registry will be allowing the registration of 1 & 2 letter .ie domains for the first time.

The process for applying for this will be restricted initially during the “Sunrise & Landrush Periods”


  • During Sunrise, from 15th Nov. to 16 Dec. 2015, only applications with a Registered Trademark that matches exactly the domain applied for will be accepted.
  • A non-refundable Application fee of €399 + vat will apply
  • If there are more than one applicant for a specific domain, then the process will go to Auction ( handled directly by the IEDR ) Auction provisionally planned for 24 Jan to 7 Feb 2016.


  • Landrush period extends from 21st Feb to 22 March 2016
  • SME’s and non-rights holders can apply, but domains are still subject to normal IEDR application requirements
  • A non-refundable Application fee of €149 + vat applies
  • If there are more than one applicant for a specific domain, then the process will go to Auction ( handled directly by the IEDR ) Auction provisionally planned for 29 March to 12 Apr 2016


  • After Landrush, any remaining unsold domains will be available to to register at normal .ie prices, and will be also be subject to IEDR application requirements

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us on 061 305038 , @eliveirl on Twitter or email


**** NOTE : The following domains are reserved and cannot be applied for:

Reminder – Domain Renewal Scam Emails

Due to the increased volume of these emails again, we would like to issue a reminder to clients about scam-type emails that you might receive. They are intended to look like a reminder to Renew your Domain Name, but in reality the service is just to sell you SEO software/services.

See the image below for a sample of the email format. Note the circled area that states that it is NOT for domain renewal.

If you ever have a question regarding your domain or hosting services or any notifications you receive, please email and we will be glad to help.


EU rules ‘Safe-Harbour’ invalid

A major ruling by the European Court of Justice today has ruled that the ‘Safe Harbour’ arrangement between the EU and US is invalid.

This will have a major impact on where companies can store data.

Read more here

Here in Elive, you can rest assured that all your data hosted with us remains in the EU, thus helping you to be compliant with Data Protection Laws.

Phone Lines Outage

If you are having trouble getting through to us this morning, the reason is that Eircom have reported a major outage this morning that is affecting incoming and outgoing calls across the country.

They are working to resolve it.

Please open ticket in our Support Section or email

WordPress Brute Force Attacks

To help safeguard our clients websites against the ongoing attacks on WordPress websites, we have take extra measures to block access to requests for the default WordPress login page , wp-login.php, on our hosting servers.

Should you have trouble accessing your WordPress Administration area, please check your current IP address by going to our Support Page and then copy and paste this into a new ticket, either using your Client Portal Area or emailing

These extra measures will both help blocking unauthorised access to your site and also increase server performance.

As always, we recommend to our clients to ensure they have their WordPress installation and all themes and plugins up to date.

We have WordPress Support Packages available also, so we can take care of this for you.


Elive Support Team

Server Issue MSSQL

6:45 am : We are aware of an issue with one of our MS-SQL servers this morning. We are investigating and working to restore services.

13:30 : This issue has been resolved now. A SAS controller card had failed and needed to be replaced

IEDR Optimise Fund open for applications until May 15th

91% of Irish SME websites cannot process sales

IEDR research finds majority of Irish SMEs not ‘e-commerce enabled’

IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund 2015 launched to help SMEs be e-commerce ready

91% of Irish SME websites cannot process sales online, according to new research published today.

The initial findings of research commissioned by IEDR, the company which manages Ireland’s .ie domain registry, finds that the vast majority of Irish businesses are not equipped to take and process consumer sales online. 

The research comes as IEDR today, 20 April 2015, launched its OPTIMISE Fund 2015, which supports Irish SMEs and Micro-Enterprises in enhancing their existing online presence and in becoming e-commerce enabled.

The IEDR research surveyed 501 Irish SMEs to examine their online presence, including their e-commerce capabilities. The research found that the majority of Irish SMEs’ websites are not e-commerce enabled, hindering businesses capacity to sell online to their customers.

Key findings include:

While 63% of Irish SMEs have a website

  • 91% cannot process sales online

  • 62% cannot (in the first instance) take sales orders online;

  • 68% cannot process payments online

  • 51% don’t have the ability to interact directly with customers through social media or web chat;

  • 54% don’t have responsive website designs for tablet or smartphone;

  • 66% don’t have video content on their website;

and only 4% have the capacity to run analytics on their website performance. 

Commenting on the research, David Curtin, Chief Executive of IEDR, said:

What stands out most is the mismatch between business owners’ acknowledgement of what’s important and their actions. Business owners know it’s important, but they haven’t (yet) acted to sell online, with 73% saying their website is “important/very important” as a driver of generating sales, yet 62% cannot take sales orders via that website”.

In an ever more global economy, the absence of an online sales presence puts Irish businesses at a huge disadvantage to competitors. It acts as a major disincentive to attracting customers, for whom buying online is now the norm”, added Curtin.

Now in its fifth year, the aim of the OPTIMISE Fund is to encourage and enable Irish SMEs or micro enterprises to make greater use of existing web technologies and upgrade the e-commerce functionality of their websites.  

The Fund is designed to help drive Irish businesses’ sales offering online. Since its’ inception in 2011, the OPTIMISE Fund has provided funding to 60 Irish SMEs and micro enterprises to improve their web and online sales capabilities. With the OPTIMISE Fund 2015 valued at €150,000, IEDR is confident that demand for funding amongst the business community will be significant again this year.

Commenting on the OPTIMISE Fund, Mr. Curtin said:

The OPTIMISE Fund provides training and services to small businesses to help them to enhance their online presence, particularly their online sales capability. Our research has consistently shown that Ireland’s small businesses often struggle to develop an online sales presence to tap into new revenue streams and ultimately, to grow their business.  The OPTIMISE Fund works shoulder to shoulder with businesses and seeks to give a helping hand to businesses to make the leap from digital trailers to digital blazers, who are savvy, successful online entrepreneurs.”

Francis Brennan, owner of The Park Hotel, Kenmare and Ambassador for the OPTIMISE Fund 2015, noted that “online sales are critical to our hotel business. They are now a significant and growing part of most successful Irish businesses’ sales strategy. While having a website is an important shop window for every business, its’ not enough if your customers can’t use it to buy your goods and services online. Today’s survey results clearly show small Irish businesses are falling short when it comes to selling online. Such businesses risk losing out on huge opportunities for growth, unless they improve their online offering.”

Businesses who want to improve their online sales capabilities and optimise their websites are encouraged to apply to the OPTIMISE Fund 2015 by logging on to for further information.

-View the IEDR Optimise Infographic – PDF

WordPress XSS Issue

A major issue has been discovered within WordPress and how comments are processed, that can leave your site open to being hacked.

For example, if a malicious comment is left and and administrator views it to approve it, it can allow a hacker remote access to your WordPress site.

We recommend you disable the ability to add comments on your site, temporarily, until this is has been resolved.

Read more and view a video here

New Lower Prices !

We are delighted to announce our new pricing on all our hosting packages and also a reduction in the prices of many domain name registration and renewals.

From today, you can get hosting with Elive for as little as €44.99 + vat per annum.
Thats less than €4.65 per month all in !! Amazing Value. And you get all the features you expect like PHP Hosting, IMAP & POP Email, ability to host multiple websites, Control Panel access and more. Have a look at our packages

We have a number of packages tailored to suit all needs.

We also have reduced the prices of many domains, a .ie is now only €24.99 + vat and a .com is just €11.50 + vat

This is just the start, we have more price reductions coming this year. Its all part of our commitment to bringing the best value and the best support to our clients

DNS Issue

Update 10th March : Most clients are back to normal now, but we still have reports of certain clients having some DNS lookups fail. We are manually resolving these. Please open a support ticket with us and let us know the error you are receiving and we will suggest a solution

Update 14:55 : DNS propagation issues with Enom were causing issues earlier worldwide. It has been reported that it is resolved now, but some client might see some issues due to caching. Restart your PC first to see if that resolves it.

9-March-2015 10:00am We are aware of an issue with DNS lookups affecting some domains at the moment. There are intermittent problems at the registrar and will cause some issues with incoming or outgoing emails.
We are working on a solution and should be back to normal shortly.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience.

We are getting rid of our 1890 number – Here’s Why

We are getting rid of our 1890 354831 number. You can still contact us on 061 305038. Let us explain why and why you should too.

When Elive started, way back in 1997, broadband was a dream, 56k dialup was nearly mainstream (big leap from 33k !!) and having ISDN was a luxury.

Back then, Irish people paid per minute for phone calls, and there was a different rate for local and national calls.

Like many companies, Elive had an 1890 number, which meant you could call us from anywhere in Ireland and only be charged the price of a local call.
1890 number work by only charging the caller the price of a local call, and the receiver of the call pays the difference if its a national call.

Lots of things have changed since then, and nowadays, most people have call packages, so you have X minutes of (or unlimited) local/national calls included in your monthly fixed cost.

So if you called Elive on 061 305038, its part of your package minutes. No cost incurred.

However, 1890 numbers are not included in a package, typically, so if you called us on our 1890 number, you get charged for the call outside of your package cost, and we also have to pay for the call.

So really, the concept of a 1890, and even a 1800, number is really an outdated idea, but Telco’s still like them as they get to charge per minute.

Elive have withdrawn our 1890 number, so remember to update our phone number in your phone book to 061 305038.

Christmas Hours

Elive will close on the 22nd December for Christmas, returning the 5th January 2014.

During this time, our technicians will be on call for support. You can email or open ticket through our Support Section. You can also Tweet @eliveirl and we will get back to you shortly.

Should any of your hosting services expire during the christmas period, you can login to our Client Portal at and pay to renew services directly.

We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support in 2014 and wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best in 2015.

All in Elive™

Issue with Server ELH5

26-Nov-2014 23.30 : We are investigating an issue on server ELH5 ( following an upgrade to PHP. Expect resolution soon

Update 12:10  – Sites are running now again and we are checking all hosting accounts to ensure operation

Update 01:20 – All sites checked are completed now.